Welcome to SOIG 2019

We are very pleased to welcome physicists from all over the world to Paris for the international workshop on Spin-Orbit Interaction and G-factor (SOIG2019).

This workshop is aming at highliting state-of-the-art topics on the spin-orbit interaction (SOI), and intends to share the understandings of SOI and g-factor by getting together researchers working in different fields of solid state physics. We hope this workshop offers an opportunity for exchanging ideas and enjoying constructive discussion by addressing specific individual issues in realizing new "SOIG" physics.

Looking forward to seeing you in Paris!

Organizer: Benoit Fauque (CdF, ESPCI), Yuki Fuseya (UEC Tokyo, ESPCI)



( SOIG should be pronounsed as "swag", which means "cool!".)

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